CNC Arbeitsprotokoll

Saving Files for Import into ConstruCAM

  1. Import file (usually .pdf) in Inkscape
  2. Select Precision Settings „Very Fine“ – 255
  3. Flip all items vertically
  4. Save as .hpgl file
  5. In the Finder, rename ending to .hpg

Importing .dxf files into SketchUp

All Instructions are complements of Jim : Original Site

Preparing Files in ConstruCAM

    1. Create New File, Sized to Board (Maximum Cut Size is 1000mm x 600mm)
    2. Select Import: HPGL
    3. You will be grouping cuts based on the type of router bit (e.g. all cuts with 10mm Fräser). Select each one by one, assign the cut parameters and assign to an individual layer.(Clearing with 10mm – Layer 17, Inner Cuts with 6mm – Layer 18, Outlines with 4mm – Layer 19, Details with 2mm – Layer 20)


    1. Sample Fräser Parameters:
      Name: 10 mm Fräser
      Schein: 5mm
      Radius: 5mm
      Eintauchstiefe: 5mm (Maximum – for smaller depth boards, this should match the maximum depth)
      Flüghöhe: 5.5mm (or .5mm above Eintauchstiefe)
      Arbeitseintauch: 2mm
      Wechselstation: Same Number as Werkzeug Number
      Überlapung: 45%


    1. Which Router bit should be used? Recommend:
      Clearing Wood – 10mm
      Inner Cuts – 6mm
      Outlines – 4mm
      Details (Drawings) – 1mm


    1. When Assigning a Cut-out / Inner Clearing (Abräumen):
      Verbinden: Ja
      Vertieft: Ja
      Linienabstand: 3.5mm (10mm Bit)
      Blockreise: Ja
      Bidirektionel: Ja
      Kontor: Nein
      Speichern Werkzeug: Ja


    1. When Assigning an Outline:
      Verbinden: Ja
      Erhaben: Ja
      Linienabstand: 2mm (6mm Bit)
      Blockreise: Ja
      Bidirektionel: Ja
      Kontor: Nein
      Speichern Werkzeug: Ja


  1. The Maximum Cut that should be used in any round is 6mm.
    A recommended cut pattern for a 21mm Board would be to change the Eintauchstiefe to 5mm | 10mm | 15.5mm | 21mm
  2. If making pocket, select this selection under the CAM Menu and use the following:

Previewing Files in ConstruCAM

  1. To see Layer Assignments, click the Binoculars:
    If extra layers, select clear
    If layers in wrong order, select _____
  2. Choose the 3D Cube to see a Projection of the Cut

Working in Win-PC (Cutting)

  1. Turn on Master Power
  2. Open Win-PC-NC Economy
  3. Referenz fahrt (F8) – This will align the machine to null
  4. Using Manuelfahrt, move the Fräser Bit to the corner of the board so that it is aligned with the corner, and on the z axis can barely slip a piece of paper below
    Choose save Null Punkt X,Y,Z
  5. *If you are starting from a previous project, Directly input previous Null Punkt
  6. Bring in using Export for Direct Mill from ConstruCAM, Select all layers you want to cut.
  7. Choose Parameter and adjust geswindigkeit – recommended is 15 | 15 | 10
  8. Vorschub Maximum: 15


  1. Check the edges! Will you hit the wooden edge?  Will you hit one of the metal security brackets?
  2. Put the security brackets in a location where they aren’t cut.
  3. If you are cutting right to the bottom edge, shift the cut location out using security bracket as placeholder.

Troubleshooting Cutting Errors

  1. If need to start and stop / Choose Fahren > Start ab > % that it stopped
  2. If depth is incorrect for any reason, change the Z Point the amount required using Manuel Fahrt and then save Z(ONLY) Null Punkt


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